Residential Geothermal

Net zero is the ultimate goal for housing. A home with no energy bill and no emissions has a much greater asset value. Net zero and energy reduction increments have now become affordable for any new or existing Alberta home.

A new program called Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) that is backed by the Alberta government, facilitates the installation meaningful upgrades like geoexchange and solar. PACE financing means no up front costs and does not have to be paid back when you sell your property, because it becomes part of your property tax bill, much like a sidewalk or back lane paving upgrade. The property tax increase is set up to match the life of the upgrade. In most cases the reduction in energy cost more than pays for the increased property taxes, and the value of your property goes up.

The PACE program is a boon for the environment also, as most of the pollution from our homes is from burning 120 or so gigajoules of natural gas energy. A geothermal system can heat and cool a home for a year using less than 10 % of this energy equivalent.

The reservoir of solar heat stored deep below the surface of the ground can be tapped by constructing a vertical heat exchange system that reaches hundreds of feet down into the earth. This provides an endless supply of heat at a temperature of 12 degrees C , and is a heat sink for cooling in summer.

The most practical way to deliver this natural heat into a home is by use of a heat pump. The most efficient working source temperature for a heat pump, is within just a few degrees of the desired room temperature, this will deliver the most efficient heating and cooling possible.

A vertical earth exchange loop will maintain a constant working temperature above 10 C. A vertical earth loop is very different to other earth loop configurations, which may operate as low as 2 C. and lower through winter. The difference between 2 and 10 degrees may seem small but consider that a volume of water at 10 C contains five times the heat as the same volume of water, at 2 C. and it follows that exchanging heat from the colder temperature requires five times the electricity. ( referred to as co-efficient of performance – COP. )

The efficiency of a heat pump using a source temperature of 10 c. is extremely high in both heating and cooling modes, it will provide year round comfort and supply winter / summer domestic hot water to the average home, consuming just 6 to 8 Gigajoules of electricity.

Another bonus of vertical earth exchange is the very small yard disturbance & space required for installation. The average home requires just 2 wells spaced 3 – 4 M apart and can be installed within 2 M of the building. We have small footprint, powerful drilling equipment designed and built specifically to access and install wells to a depth of 400′ with minimal intrusion of time & noise, requiring minimal remediation.

We supply residential packages which include a vertical earth loop plumbed into the building, purged and pressurized, ready for inside equipment. These packages come with or without a heat pump, depending on customer preference.

This service is available to HVAC professionals, as well as homeowners and builders. Any home in any location can be retro-fitted with a vertical geothermal system. Vertical earth loop systems must be legally installed by an Alberta certified earth loop Journeyman driller to ensure ground water and environmental protection.  

Our packages come with full equipment manufacturer warranty, and we provide a 10 year warranty on the earth loop. The earth loop / heat pump package is designed to make the process of Geothermal installation available and affordable to anyone, while ensuring the quality of the earth loop and highest system efficiency is obtained.