Commercial GeoSolar

The greatest challenge of our time is reducing carbon emissions while maintaining economic stabillity.

Our carbon credit card is maxed out, incorporating an alternative to fossil fuel heating and cooling is becoming necessary to have a good long term financial plan. Multifamily and larger buildings with energy efficient non – fossil fuel heating / cooling / hot water systems will have increasing rental revenue and asset value, as the value of fossil fuel reliant building space declines.

There is a rapidly growing number of buildings popping up around the world that are 100 % efficient, net zero, meaning the building produces as much energy as it consumes. Every example involves some form of solar heat energy to achieve net zero and all have positive ROI’s.

Alberta’s first net zero office building, the Mosaic Center in Edmonton extracts the solar heat energy stored in the earth to supply a very large portion of the heat energy requirements, which equates to about 140 KW of constant power when used for heating, delivering this power comes at a cost ratio of 1 : 4, meaning at most 35 KW of power is needed to provide heating for 30,000 sq ft, and very much less power required for cooling. Geoexchange reduces the required input energy for heating and cooling by as much as 80 % , allowing for 1-1.5 KW of PV solar panels the power to heat & cool each 1,000 sq ft of building space. .

The most cost effective path to net zero for an existing building is the installation of a BTES system, collecting solar and waste heat to be stored and used seasonally.

Regardless if net zero is the goal, our infrastructure relies on electricity, this will not change, however there is growing change to the source of our electricity. A properly installed earth energy system is very effective reducing electrical consumption which is key to a greener future, but cost effective also, with each dollar spent on installation worth more than five dollars spent on PV solar system installations. Ultimately it’s about financial return. One of our projects, a 300,000 sq ft commercial space, has had an annual energy saving equating to more than $ 90,000.00 per year since 2008, returning 150% of the total installation cost. All of our commercial project ROI’s are growing at a similar rate.

Our equipment has been tailored to make the process of vertical ground loop installation fast and efficient, providing high quality at low cost.

We have designed a format for drilling 3 ¼ inch (80mm) Dia. Wells to a typical depth of 400′ (120 meters) to install 1inch loop. This is our “best bang for buck” suggestion for most commercial Geothermal installations. Our drills can install 1 ¼ inch loops where required.

m_rig 2012 on trailer_01Our Wombat drills have all the functions on board to drill, install, and grout, in a single operation. The space required is just 2.5 meters x 4 meters.

Our all-terrain, all-weather equipment is unhindered by construction site conditions, and our mess-free, small footprint is unobtrusive by design.

Our drills can handle any geological formations in a mess-free and productive manner, with onboard air, mud, dual rotary, foam / water injection, and dust collection systems. Our loop tie–in with the GeoSolar header ensures perfect flow balancing, and the minimum trenching or tie–in space is required. Our methods are designed to provide efficiency and economy without sacrifice to reliability or quality.

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