We Deliver Sustainable GeoSolar Solutions
Affordable, Smart, and Environmentally-friendly.
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Years of Experience

Certified Earth Loop Installers and GeoSolar Experts

CGC Certified

We're one of only a handful of CGC Certified Earth Loop installers in Canada

Compact, low-impact machinery

Wombat drill rigs are compact and fully self contained, with the ability to drill and install loops to 500' depth with a rapid, clean, safe, and efficient process.

Quality Geothermal System Installation

We provide affordable solutions that improve energy efficiency, lower heating & cooling costs, and help support a greener future.

Don Manns is one of only three specialists permitted to install vertical earth loops in Alberta. These unique qualifications make Wombat Industries the only permitted company in the province performing vertical earth loop installation as its primary business.

Our History

For over 30 years we've had a personal commitment to delivering renewable technology, internationally, and at home.

Our expertise and technological innovations are the result of our many years of being at the forefront of the GeoThermal drilling industry.